My favorite thing in the world is capturing a great performance, no matter the genre or musical style.  If you have a great song, an idea to put down, or a band ready to track a full album, I'd love to work with you and help you take your music to the next level or capture a memory you can hold on to forever.

Some Samples

I am also able to do mobile recording and tracking in 4, 8, and 16 track configurations, and can do demo recordings onsite or from a live setting.


Since so much mixing can happen inside a computer now, I've designed a workflow that allows me to mix for anyone with an internet connection and some music to sound great.  Combining an array of expensive digital tools and some choice pieces of hardware, all it takes is sharing the files, or "stems," and I can help you make your songs sound radio ready.

Some Samples




I've composed for various films, for podcast segments, and as original work.  I can employ a host of real and virtual instruments to create music that ranges from cinematic to melancholy to pop infused.  I also have experience with composing to timecode within Pro Tools and working with deadlines to get scores finished.

Some Samples



I've worked on a number of different podcasts, from editing to mixing to live recording.  My main body of work is editing, where I employ digital audio tools and skills to seamlessly cut a show together and remove recorded artifacts or mistakes like uhs, ums, coughs, restarts, etc.

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