Recording and Mixing in Dallas

 Engineering & mixing services


Assorted services related to getting great recordings, both in-studio and on-site, mixing music to perfection, and mastering to make things radio-ready.


Recording and Mixing

an Album or EP

Whether you’re a band looking to record ten instruments at once or an artist looking to build your songs piece by piece, we can record a collection of songs that you’re ready to release.

- Current Special: 2 Day EP! ($500)

- Onsite Demo Recordings ($200/day)

- Single song production ($100/song)

- List of Samples

Copy of Podcasting Services

Podcast Services

With podcasting becoming such a prevalent and lucrative business, it’s important to get the best audio every day/week/time you record. Editing is also an essential tool to make your show sound more professional, and mix templates will allow your product to sound consistent each time you post.

- Editing and Mixing services ($45/hour)

- Consultation for recording/mix templates ($100/consult)

- Live Show Recordings ($300/show, includes equipment, editing, and mixing)

- List of shows worked on: God Awful Movies, Scathing Atheists, Skepticrat, Cognitive Dissonance, Citation Needed, PNAS Science Sessions, Dallas Academy of Music, Inciting Incident, Opening Arguments, Serious Inquiries Only, et al.

Copy of Mobile Recording Services

Mobile Recording

Whether you’re trying to capture a moment in time live, putting together your multi-track later and just need a recording, or want to setup a complex multi-mic system that will capture the performance and venue you’re in, I have multiple setups to record what you need.

- Multi-track direct recordings, no mic setup, 4, 8, 16, 32 channel configurations ($100/$200/$300 per session, depending on channel count)

- Multi-track recording, mics provided, up to 24 channel configurations ($200/$300 per session, depending on channel count)