Recording and Mixing in Dallas
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Welcome to Morgan Clarke Music

offering professional services in recording, mixing, editing, and composition

Having worked across all kinds of audio services across the country, Morgan Clarke offers a number of audio engineering services including studio recording, live recording, audio editing, mixing & mastering, and composition and arrangement services. Currently based in Dallas, TX, he can offer any professional audio service needed. He has recorded bands, artists, podcasts, and assorted live shows in cities like New York City, Chicago, London, Seattle, and Denver; he has played in such venues as the Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, the Gypsy Tea Room, and even the Rose Bowl.

He loves recording in interesting spaces, finding unique sounds to incorporate, and mixing with the music practically jumping out of the speakers. He wants to help you produce the vision in your head and get it out there so people can listen!


currently working out of january sound studio in dallas, TX, a historic studio built in the 70’s with westlake audio designed control and live rooms


a number of professional audio services

Morgan Clarke offers a wide variety of services needed, all at affordable rates to help you add the audio or music you need to make your project stand out.